Does anybody love the London commute?

Imagine you moved to London from Amsterdam. You said good-bye to family, friends, sports clubs, your local hang-out and sushi place around the corner. You found yourself a London apartment, not too far from work, close enough to the airport, and it seemed a friendly borough. After four years in the area you found your local yoga place, new friends for a spontaneous lunch or drink, local Italian for dinner, and you start calling this home. And then you change jobs… the other side of town. This is pretty much my story.


So now I commute. I walk to the station, take the train, change for the underground and walk for another 10 minutes to get to work in East London; together at least an hour of travel. Sometimes the trains are too crowded and I need to take the next. Once it happened that I had to have 10 trains pass before I was able to get on. Yes, I’m thinking about moving East, but I love my area, running club, and new friends here, so I weigh it all up and smile as much as possible for a positive vibe.


What I learned to appreciate are the British queues. People line up neatly for train and metro entrances before embarking. This is such a relief and so sophisticated! I takes away stress, pushing and shoving, and getting on goes in a lovely organised order. Please can we introduce this all over the world? While I don’t think I will ever love the commute, I found the best time to leave, often a friendly face for a morning chat, and take a chai break when it is too much. I’m still thinking about moving, but it will probably stay just that ..thinking.


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6 Responses to Does anybody love the London commute?

  1. mvanbeukering says:

    Lieve Mariska

    Ga jij een boek maken van al jouw mooie verhalen met leuke foto’s

    Hier storm en regen, het heeft in jaren niet zo hard gewaaid, maar de wind gaat nu weer liggen Een man dood onder een boom in Wolfhese

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad Mar

    > Op 25 jul. 2015 om 18:55 heeft Windows to the World het volgende geschreven: > > >


  2. Agnès says:

    Soon, Bertille will tell us about his experience and thanks for the attention you have brought her 😉


  3. Agnès says:

    We would be happy to see you in London ! I think we can meet up friday or saturday evening . I’m sure you know lovely place


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