Yoga with a view in London

While enjoying regular yoga at my local Bikram Yoga school in Richmond, as soon as I heard that yoga sessions were organized in the Shard, it went onto my bucket list. It took a while and a great effort to book, as the website form gave continuous errors, phone calls were not returned, and confirmation e-mails weren’t sent, but we were finally booked in.


It is a glorious morning in July and walking from Waterloo station around 7am through London waking up, is already a good start of the day. The Shard is standing tall against a blue sky with its 310 metres. We get up to floor 69 and an amazing view of London on a bright morning.


Yogasphere – the organisation behind this – got over 60 people for class this morning, with each paying 40 pounds. Yoga mats were provided for and we scatter around the floor taking in the London sights. Three teachers support through the vinyasa class that lasts for an hour. It is a nice class, but it can’t beat the view that morning that shows London from its best side.


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One Response to Yoga with a view in London

  1. Agnès says:

    Whaouh I WANT to do !!


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