Brighton – Another day at the beach

Brighton all known by everybody because of Brighton Pier, but there is more to this city than just that. It takes you an hour from London to get there with an easy train ride. Go explore and you will find new and exciting places.


For example if you walk from the station to the North Laine’s and pass by Silo. This industrial building is UK’s first zero-waste restaurant. It has a nice outdoor area and a rusty, concrete, rough look and feel. Recycled materials rule and are the base of many of the decoration in this restaurant.  The crowd is a great combination of hipster, computer geek, and modern family. The Silo team avoids waste for example by redistributing the compost they generate during the day to their growers and if you ask for a receipt they will mail it to you. In addition they pursued crowd funding to get a zero carbon delivery system. I love the initiative knowing that waste from the food industry is astonishing big.


The city is also often used to test market new brands or product launches (when East London is too expensive to do so;-)). We run into a pop-up store from the new brand mo:vel which just opened two weeks ago. A Brazilian designer engaging with British investors launched these trainers. All shoe designs are funky, colourful and inspired by Brazilian dances. The shoes are positioned being ‘designed to let the feet move freely, fluidly and with confidence’. A nice one to check out when you are in Brighton over the next couple of weeks.


And being in a creative city of course there is street art. It is colourful, cartoony and great when you walk around town. The North Laine’s and the area around the station are probably the best locations to go when you are looking for street art. You will find a lot of street art from Minty, a Brighton street artist which is recognisable from the cartoons used in the artworks.


And then you need to hit the beach, pebble beach it is…..But still for ‘another day at the beach’ it is worth it. The day that I went the water was this lovely greenish/blue color and with the bright blue sky it looked great. We avoided the pier and walked the pathway below the boulevard where you will find cute galleries to browse some local art.


I suggest you walk all the way down to Hove where the crazy touristy vibe will wine down. It takes you a bit of a stroll along the boulevard, but with the seaside view and the breeze you won’t notice. Hove is the more family oriented area, but nonetheless still camp, funky and creative. We found a really nice communal garden, which felt like you walked in a tropical oasis. And a funky coffee shop, with the most amazing home-made pies.


This will give you quite some exploring. And walking back to the station do take the opportunity to pass by Clifton Gardens. The striking whites of the Victorian houses with their bright doors will blow you away. And always with a sea view….


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