Greek entrepreneurs in London

I was wandering around London the other day and bumped into a great Greek initiative in London. It seems like some Greek escaped their country pursuing commercial and creative dreams away from their home country. This initiative is from a team of two Greek entrepreneurs supporting the creative spirits with a pop-up shop in Westbourne Grove to sell fashion from Greek designers. The concept is called Mono Space and is founded by Marina Bury Christellou and Myrta Mitropoulou, both 30 and friends since high school. The great thing about it was that the pop-up store is moving areas and depending on the area the collection changes and is adapted. It started in Shoreditch earlier this year and the Westbourne Grove one in June was their second location.


Looking around the store, I picked up a business card from one of the designers Melissanthi Spei who is a graduate from MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. She was so kind to give me some insights on working with the Mono Space team. Please find my short and sweet interview with her below.

How did you come to work with the team from MONO? I was first contacted by Myrto Mitropoulou when I first presented my masters collection couple of years ago. She wanted to congratulate me about my work. It is really important to have support during the first years of your career.

How does this concept match your designs? It is great that this was during the summer period. Everything was floaty and feminine, so it perfectly matched my aesthetics but also there was a mix with more edgy pieces to keep a balance within the too.

Do you sell in any other stores in London? My work is not commercial, so it is only bespoke pieces and special orders. In the future I would like to have a commercial line to sell in a wider range of customers.

What would make this concept successful for you? The selection of designers for the particular boutique and of course the location and the space it self. Everything plays a very important role.

How do you work with the team to choose the clothing for each location where the pop up store will go? I can only speak about my work. I took the initiative to make a selection of my pieces based on the location. Of course it is good to have something a bit extravagant in order to attract more people.

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