London – experience the (plant) nursery – fine dining mixed with garden shopping

I discovered that some of the garden centres or (plant) nurseries as they call them here, go way beyond selling your essentials for the perfect garden. You probably know that I’m not the one with the green fingers, but these ones pull me in not because of their plants but because of their calming decor and wonderful food!

nurseries 1

One example is Clifton Nurseries London in North London. It is set in an area with family houses, where you would need to peak through an ally between villa 5 and 6 to enter into the gardens that form the Clifton Nurseries. It is not big, but what a little gem it is. There are plants, but also an indoor area with all related to more decorative elements when testing your green fingers. And there is the Quince tree cafe at Clifton Nurseries which is located in the palm house and serves breakfast, delicious lunches and afternoon teas. It is the nicest place to come and read your Saturday paper while eating one of their cakes. A perfect start of your weekend.


And then there is Petersham Nurseries in Richmond in West London. Just at my doorstep coming from Richmond, you will need to walk through a bit of field to get to Petersham Nurseries. It has more space than the Clifton Nurseries which is mainly used for more food related areas! Besides from The Teahouse where you pass by a counter to pick up your refreshments and find your way to sit down, there is The Cafe, which has table servings and received a Michelin star in 2011. It is a haven of calm and with the slow food concept cooking, you feel like you have entered into health conscious heaven.


So next time you’re in London, take a break, indulge yourself and put ‘visit garden center’ on your list!


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