France – Street art in Le Marais Paris

Of course Street Art in Paris is a big thing! But where to start? I was in Le Marais last week and had the chance to roam around the streets and catch a few lovely ones and also talk to an artist just finishing his latest art work. For a start on the square known for its many demonstrations and strikes, Place de la Republique, a wall was put up for refurbishing and street artists were enabled to decorate this wall with artworks, like you see here below.


When you continue from Place de la Republique to Rue Vertbois you are welcomed by some great art works. And that was not a coincidence it turned out, as Greenwood Gallery organised a project where they commissioned a few Street Artists to work with the businesses in the area and create works of art on their walls. Below you will see art works by for example Chanoir and FrenchKiss.

Vertbois 1

The artworks are wonderfully colourful, cartoonish, and fun. While not all of you might join me in my opinion, but I feel like I’m walking around in an open air art gallery which brightens up a neighbourhood which would have otherwise been a bit dull and grey. I think this is a great initiative from Greenwood Gallery.


That same evening I bumped into an artist finishing his latest work, also commissioned by Greenwood Gallery. His artist name was Sack and he was a lovely shy guy who agreed to be in the photo as long as his face was not recognisable. His work was this embryo/baby in a protective positive environment of blue. It was one of the most striking ones in the street, and it was really nice to be watching him finishing his art work with the utmost care and love.


And while you have these designated streets in Le Marais where you find Street Art there are also some hidden corners in Le Marais where you are surprised by subtle works of art that are quirky, beautiful and fun. You will see those when walking around, peaking around the corner of a street, looking below a window or looking up and around. So if you want to be surprised don’t hesitate to peak around the odd corners!

subtle street art

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