The Netherlands – Zierikzee, embracing the Dutch culture

When living away from your home, you start looking at your home country differently. At least I do. Being Dutch and living in London I suddenly started noticing that actually we do have a lot of wind mills, that Holland is really extraordinary flat, that our houses have wonderful nice shapes and our cities have great history. My visit to Zierikzee last weekend, was a great opportunity to embrace that Dutch culture again.


Zierikzee is a small city, located on the former island of Schouwen in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It is a part of the municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland in the South of The Netherlands. Surrounded by water its history is strongly influenced by the wealth that trading over water brought and disasters that hit the city when storms and floods stressed that a lot of the land was still below sea level. We took a tour with Linette Julsing who told us all about the houses of former merchants, the visit that Napoleon took to this city, and how the inhabitants took refuge when Zierikzee was flooded during storms. The VVV in Zierikzee is able to support you when you want to book a city tour.


There are a few lovely restaurants and cafe’s in Zierikzee to pass by before or after your tour. Brasserie Maritime is a restaurant overlooking the harbour that can serve you some great fish dishes. And when you want to eat authentic Dutch pancakes visit ‘Zie Zo’ restaurant that will present you with some good choices. For a coffee break KOFFIEenT is the place to go. There is one shop that stole my heart. It is ‘MienDomus‘ in the center which sells all related to decoration and interior design. Wonder around this shop and find creative interpretations of Zeeland handicrafts, modern furniture, and great ideas for gifts. You will have a wonderful afternoon admiring the small streets, lovely buildings and waterways surrounding the city.


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    Mooi verhaal

    Je vader

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