United Kingdom – London, where to go for a good coffee, my top 10!

A coffee culture has been built in London, with the big brands opening the market and the independent coffee shops jumping on the newly developed taste and demand of the consumers. That leaves us with a multitude of quirky, small, different, independent coffee shops to hang out, do some work or meet up with your first date. Please find below my favorite ones in London for any of the above purposes.

1. Monmouth – 27 Monmouth Street, 2 Park Street or 34 Maltby Street. Monmouth has been roasting and selling coffee since 1978. With currently three shops it is a well cherished coffee company in London, which distributes its coffee to other outlets than just these three.

2. Flat White – 17 Berwick Street, this coffee shop in Soho is the sister cafe of Milk Bar which is just around the corner. Selling some great coffee in a cozy joint, is worth to check when in the area.

flatwhite 3. Workshop Coffee and Co – 27 Clerkenwell Street, but also with branches in Fitzrovia, Holborn and Marylebone. It was established in 2011 and successfully developed into this small independent coffee company. The coffee is sourced from countries in South America and South Africa.

4. Kaffeine – 66 Great Titchfield Street, was established in 2009 with this branch in Fitzrovia. An Australian background was the base of this little shop and another one at Eastcastle street. Now well established it has a loyal following of locals, coffee lovers and tourists who got note of this gem.

5. Taylor St Baristas – 110 Clifton Street, and another 8 shops in London and Brighton. It started all in 2006 with three Aussie siblings wanting to reinvent the coffee culture in London. They successfully launched Taylor St Baristas and rolled it out to the 9 shops they have now. BTW the name refers to the Street in Sydney where the 3 family members grew up.TaylorSt 6. Shoreditch Grind – 213 Old Street, housed in an iconic building on the round about at Old Street this location is not just a coffee shop, but turns into a cocktail bar over night and has a studio in the same building. There is also a Holborn Grind, London Grind and Soho Grind.

7. Sacred Cafe – Ganton Street, has 3 more locations throughout London. New Zealand coffee was the inspiration for this coffee shop to come about.

8. TAP Coffee – 26 Rathbone Place, and in two other locations in London. It is all about the coffee here and the lovely charm of a genuine coffee shop. The video on their website will convince you to come a join them for a nice drink.tapcaffee 9. Nude Espresso – 19 Soho Square, and a location at 26 Hanbury Street (Bricklane). With a blog about all things coffee and store and shop smelling of coffee just when passing by, this is a great initiative from coffee lovers who present themselves as ‘an artisan coffee to the core’.

10. Allpress Espresso – 58 Redchurch Street, when in East London you can’t leave the neighbourhood without passing through Redchurch Street. Redchurch street will always have some new Street Art, new Flahship Stores, and new pop-up stores for brands who want to touch the water. Allpress Espresso is welcoming you there with a relaxed environment, great coffee and lovely people.

10 plus 1 Lantana coffee – 13 Charlotte Place, ‘for people who believe that if you are going to eat it or drink it, it should be savoured’. It is a tiny coffee shop tucked away in a lane way in Fitzrovia, but worth a visit. The owners started this one in 2008 and opened a sister coffee shop in 2012 in Shoreditch.coffeeLantana

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