Indonesia – Street Art in Bali

Street Art in Bali is growing fast and it might be that one week is empty while the next some artistic visual is born. It happened to me when I was in Bali and the wall that I always passed to go to the beach, got a new visual overnight. streetartbali1

Some of the street art that you see in Bali in the Canggu area is commissioned by Warungs, bars, cafes or other companies. The street art that you see here below for example has been commissioned by the bar at Old Man’s in Canggu, DEUS the Australian surf motor clothing company, the coffee shop Revolver, and Warung Heboh. A great way to support local artists and still own your branding.streetartbali2

In Seminyak I came across a stencil artist using the name Quint. Quint was born in Jakarta. He chose to study design in one of its renowned art schools, where he had the opportunity to develop his own talent. What is interesting about this artist is his unique process to select his models. He is always attending a lot of events, especially musical events, where he determines which women are attractive to him and could be used as models. Quint decided to work with women only. According to him, “Women are beautiful creatures, they have an interesting side and it is easier to show a lot of expression.” I’m just quoting here;-). Please see two of his artworks below. streetartbali3

And then we have some amazing designs that I came across when paddling on my bike through the rice fields in Canggu to the beach, on my way to yoga class, taking a zip of green juice at the local coffee bar, or getting down to the beach at Balangan. streetartbali 4

I felt like in a picture book some times and can’t wait to go back and see how it has all evolved again.

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