Nepal – Street art in Pokhara

On a quest for street art I found some really nice ones when I was in Pokhara, where I spent most time. Being known for being the ‘hippie village’ it is probably a likely place for street art. I spotted some also when I was in Kathmandu traveling through, but wasn’t there long enough to really explore. streetart nepal

It amazes me that street art has the ability to touch on the cornerstones of a society. As the one above about ‘no money no problem’, where a girl with a small purse keeps on smiling and a pretty explicit text next to her is placed. You wonder whether this statement is always true, and it probably isn’t, but it shows a positive attitude and profound understanding of well-being that touches you. Another one is the hindu image to the right, which again is so Nepali and typical of what you would come across in day-to-day life in Pokhara or Nepal in general.streetart Nepal2

The images above are great graphic designs and again one from the same artist. The school boy stresses the importance of education for all in a country which is in a build up. I was able to find the identity of the artist, and his ‘street art’ name is Tona or Mister Tona an artist from Hamburg, Germany. He spent a few months on the beginning of this year – 2015 – traveling through Nepal, and using his stencilling technique to place art works in the cities that he visited. The pictures on his Facebook page give a great illustration of the interaction of his work and Nepali.

The picture next to it, is the image of an important Tibetan political figure from which I didn’t capture the name well when the Nepali guy explained me. It is placed on the outskirts of Pokhara close to a center where handicrafts from Tibet are sold. I love these artworks and learning to know a bit more of the country through them and the artists involved.


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