Indonesia – Bali: what you should definitely do

I think there are a few things in Bali that you should definitely have done before you hop back on that plane again. Please find my list below:

Visit Ubud – whether it is just for the day or a few days, you can’t leave Bali without visiting Ubud. The small village romantic feeling is unique and creates an experience that you should check yourself. If you are a yogi a few days is nice to do some classes at different schools. Otherwise a day visit might just be the thing for you. Check my blog on Ubud for details.ubud

Attend a temple ceremony – While visiting the famous Tanah Lot temple based on the rocks in the sea or any of the other amazing temples, it would be perfect to combine this when a ceremony is going on. With over probably a ceremony happening each day, it would be hard to avoid finding one during your stay.ceremonyBaliFind a white beach – Bali is known for the fact that the majority of its beaches are dark, but without much effort beaches like Padang Padang, Bingin, Balangan or others around the Bukit peninsula will give you breathtaking white beaches.

Go Island hopping – from 30 minutes boat rides to 2 hours you will find some other smaller to bigger islands in the vicinity of Bali worth a visit. Try one of the Gili islands, Lembongan, or Lombok and you will get a different island vibe and even more chill.IMG_1940

Attend a Yoga class – an abundance of yoga schools and different types of yoga (often even ‘surfer yoga’ is offered) will give you ample choice to choose a beginner or more advanced class. Often set in scenic environments in the mids of the tropical vegetation, overlooking rice paddies or in Balinese decorated class rooms you can’t leave the island without at least trying!

Have a Surf session – the surfer crowd in Bali is great to hang out with so in order for you to be able to talk their slang, you need to do that one essential surf session with a (private) surf coach. You might not learn all about the waves or even catch any, but it will definitely give you enough to tak about when standing next to that surf dude at the bar.

Go healthy on organic food – Bali is on an organic trend. You can’t pretty much go any brasserie or restaurant or they can tell you where they grow their ingredients or claim that all is organic. It is so easy to choose just those ones and go healthy with green juice, wheat grass shots, naga bowls, nasi campur, or other Indonesian dishes.healthy

Cocktails at sun set – sometimes overrated as the low hanging clouds will prevent you from seeing the sun slowly fade into the ocean, but you will for sure have some amazing ones. I listed a few places where you could capture this moment the best.elkabron2

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  1. Great list. I definitely would agree with island hoping.


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