Why Bali?

While I have been to Bali five times now, people often ask me ‘Why Bali?’ Even a Balinese taxi driver the other day asked me that question. I think it is and it isn’t an easy question to answer, as a lot has to do what you are looking for in a holiday break which is really personal while for me it is also a ‘feeling’; even harder to explain. But I will give it a try.4353754-I-love-Bali-0

Let me start with that feeling. As soon as I set my feet on Balinese grounds the warmth embraces me. The warm blanket is so welcome as I love those tropical temperatures. Yes you might get sweaty and there is the odd tropical shower, but nothing you can’t fight with a dip in the sea or short break to whatever you were doing till the rain passes by.

That ‘feeling’ definitely also comes from the Balinese people who welcome you with a smile.  You feel their strong believe in ‘karma’ and what goes around comes around. They are the most friendly people acknowledging that tourism is a main driver of their economy. And it is also the people who visit Bali who bring that welcoming feeling. A great mix of yogi, surfers, and regular tourists makes it a balanced crowd where you can pick with whom to hang out with each day.

And then the smells of this country. Because of continuous offerings happening – keep your eye out on my next blog on ceremonies in Bali – it is either the incents or the smell of some great cooking that you will find on the streets. Please notify me if you are aware of any other country that constantly smells like you are in a perfume store.

So how about my personal taste for a break. For my breaks I love sun, beaches, temples, ceremonies, yoga (or other sport), a bit of shopping, happy people, cocktails in a top end bar or at a shack with your feet in the sand, healthy food and sometimes a party. And Bali has it all! I don’t think that I will stop exploring new places and only go to Bali, but I will definitely come back here again.

With the other blogs that I write on Bali I hope to give you some more pragmatic tips on where to find any of the above. If there is anything specific though, do drop me a note.

*thanks Travelblog for your picture

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