Bali – where to go for a sunset

I love the statistics on views and likes on any post. Over the years it has shown that sunsets score really well and are appreciated by a lot of people. So I’d better give you some hints on where to find the best locations to spot a sunset in Bali.

When in Seminyak I probably would recommend two locations one being La Plancha, and the other one Potato Head. La Plancha is a Spanish joint at the beach where people sit down on colorful bean bags, with some relaxed music, a tapas, drinks and watching the sun set in the ocean. Potato Head is an upscale beach club where the hoi polloi go to enjoy when sipping some lovely cocktails.laplancha

Locations with infinity pools are definitely to recommend also (Potato Head has one). You can go for the afternoon, do some dipping, a drink at the pool bar and linger on when the sun is setting. Read my blog on infinity pools in Bali to check a few places.elkabron2

In Canggu  707 Beachberm (Jl Pantai Batu Belig) is a great shack on the beach where a DJ starts playing in the afternoon. With a Bintang and some snacks a hipster crowd and some surfers will join you when watching the sun go down. Two other ones are Old Man’s (Jl Batu Bolong) and Le Pirate (Echo Beach) where surfers rule and a relaxed vibe is chilling with sun set.707

I’m sure there are more amazing places for a good sunset in Bali, so do let me know and I look forward checking those out next time.

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