Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Street Art

I have a weak spot for Street Art or Urban Art as it is also called. While I do love contemporary art galleries or a modern art museum, I love the freedom, opinion speaking, spontaneous, temporary element of Street Art. So when I travel the world I try to make a little effort to find some in the countries that I’m in. And while you wouldn’t expect it always, Street Art can be found in the most unfamiliar places. So throughout my blogs I will touch on Street Art when I can, and hopefully learn while doing about the artists, opinions and intentions of these pieces of art.Vietstreet art 1

In Vietnam I knew we could come across some good Street Art in HCMC. So after some on-line search and cry outs to virtual contacts Mai from Mai’s Gallery was so kind to show us around the artworks in the area where she had just started her gallery. In this area/street – Ton Duc Dang Street in District 1 – it was not just about art, but there were also some nice concept stores and fruit bar. When we were there Mai introduced us to the artist SubyOne who was about to open his own gallery here, trying to turn his street art into a business. He had been living in France for most of his life, but his Vietnamese roots pulled him back. He told us that political street art, which you often see, wasn’t a thing so much here and most street art related to day-to-day innocent interpretations.vietstreetart2

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