Indonesia – Bali, Canggu my gems

Canggu is famous for Echo beach which is one of the best beaches for a good surf. The swell is pretty constant and is left-hander ledge in front of warungs. Another beach to check here is Old Man’s /Batu Bolong which is a bit more mellow for surfers. Canggu is close enough to Seminyak, but not as crazy yet.  You will need some form of transportation to get around. Scooters are the way to go, but if you got scared (like I did) seeing all the injured people on their bikes, a bicycle is a more safe option. Probably not so common, but it worked for me.canggu1

Canggu boast some great places to hang out, with a mix of a surfer crowd, expats and random travelers. As the first surfers will get in the water around 6am, there are ample places to feed this hungry crowd with some healthy breakfasts when they get out. Please try Crate Cafe, Betelnut cafe, Bungalow (with opposite a Bungalow shop), The Grocer & Grind, or Milk & Madu. Milk & Madu is a great place to hang out when you need to get some work or blogging done. They have a good wifi connection and will leave you to it in this lovely open air space.

For dinner from the above Betelnut is also an option while the other ones are just open for the day. In addition you could do Echo Beach or Old Man’s and watch the sunset. Or go local and check Warungs like Nonii (on the way to Old Man’s) or Keboh (do ask!). The restaurants in Canggu are mostly on a small scale but so nice. Do check Green Ginger which is vegetarian or Deli Asia.canggu3

In Canggu you can have a good late night check the schedules at old Man’s and Echo Beach for live bands or DJs playing. They often have a few days a week with something happening. On Sundays Deus is the place to be. After sunset, there’s music and other entertainment. Large teak tables, stuffed corner sofas and sturdy bars stools await, while original pieces by fine artists Robert Moore, Andrew Wellman & Dustin Humphrey are featured through the facilities. Deus is an international brand from an Australian entrepreneur, and this is one of their larger locations. canggu2 Staying in Canggu should be a bit cheaper than in Seminyak, but nonetheless requires a bit of a search. I had a lovely stay at Pineapple house (or Rhuma Nanas) which has just three rooms and offers a packages with surfing and/or yoga lessons and massages! Around the corner from here is Desa Seni which is a lovely compound with small private villas, lovely foods and great service, this could be another option. Or check Airbnb and find what suits you best from single rooms to the large private villas.

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