Asia – and its holy cows

It is the most normal thing in some Asian countries to have a cow roam the streets, but it still baffles me every time. Cattle are considered sacred in world religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and others. Due to the multiple benefits from cattle, there are varying beliefs about cattle in societies and religions. In some regions, especially Nepal and some states in India, the slaughter of cattle is prohibited and their meat may be taboo. When I was in Nepal it was there that a 3-legged cow was still hopping around, while in any Western country he would have unvolutarily been supported to go to heaven. For me so far I have come across these friendly creatures on the streets of Sri Lanka, Bali, Nepal, India to just name a few countries. The best was probably the X-mas holy cow when on the beach in Goa in December or the ones crashing a wedding party in Pokhara, Nepal…holy cows

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