Bali – becoming a yogi

I’m on my quest to do three weeks of daily yoga and Bali is the best place to give that a try. I think I’m doing pretty good trying, because when missing out I compensate by doing two yoga sessions in a day! But still I’m no where near the pros that I come across here. While in London I’m probably on an average to good level, here I’m back down at the bottom of the ladder. While in London asking for a headstand would get maybe 1 or 2 persons giving it a good try, in the classes here half of the group would jump straight in. Same for hand stand split, head to foot pose, handstand scorpio and a few others! Meanwhile I keep trying with a smile…yoga

While on this quest I’m staying in Canggu close to Seminyak and have a few yoga schools to recommend to you. I take most of my sessions at Desa Seni. This lovely compound of luxury villas has an open studio surrounded by tropical vegetation. The yoga schedule runs from early in the morning till evening and offers ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, kundalini, yin yoga, meditation and community events which might offer something new. The teachers are a professional international team and also support the retreats that are organized. yoga1Another one in Canggu is Samadi, which positions itself as the place for daily yoga class, holiday retreats, healthy organic food & holistic wellness treatment. They offer classes like Desa Seni but in addition also have Mysore style yoga sessions, yoga for surfing, yoga dance and yoga nidra. I definitely enjoyed them also, but I just needed to get used to the ‘hugging your neighbour’ bit in class.

And if you are dying to continue with your Bikram sessions while in Bali – although it is hot enough and the sweating will happen in any class you attend – do go to Jiwa yoga in Seminyak. They have some nice facilities, quality teachers and sessions throughout the day.

As I stayed in a yoga/surfer house here in Bali, in addition to all of the above I had the luxury of sessions with a private teacher! Rachel helps me out in one-on-one yoga sessions and we’re slowly working on getting that head stand done….

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