Russia – Moscow where to have a good evening

My tips for Moscow mainly relate to an evening program. Having travelled there for work for several times, wining and dining was always an important element of the schedule. And I thank my dear colleague Filipp for the great places that he took us! One recommendation could be to check the latest on the efforts of the Ginza project. This investment group has been introducing venues in the restaurant and entertainment industry since 2003.


But you do also want to check places like White Rabbit restaurant, which is a bit of an effort to find but so worth it, Luciano Restaurant or TriBeCa restaurant at the embankment.

Some bars to check would be Bar Moskovsky in the Four Season’s hotel next to the Red Square, or the Mercedes Bar at the 31st floor of the Radisson’s. My favorites for a night out would actually be on Red October Island where you can find Chateau de Fantomas, and Belka Bar. These offer a modern Russian vibe, you can just find in Moscow.

In Moscow I always stayed with great pleasure in either the Swiss hotel, which also has a great bar at the top floor, or The Lotte which offers all the Russian abundance you would appreciate for a weekend.

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