3 New Year’s day celebrations

This year – 2015 – I had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate New Year in three different countries. I started with a ‘Murder dinner’ New Year’s celebration in London. The ‘Murder dinner’ is a play set in a designated era and each of the party is assigned a role. You dress up accordingly and throughout dinner you play the role and a mystery unfolds. A typical British thing. Afterwards we of course watched the fire works at the London Eye on TV. My second New Year’s celebration was in Vietnam – February 19th – when on a break. I was in Hanoi and while expecting to shop, and explore the city, Hanoi was relatively quiet and the only thing buzzing was the flower market, where they all go to get their New Year’s flower decorations. I would recommend to avoid the days for New Year’s in Vietnam when in a city.

And finally I had a New Year’s celebration on April 14th in Nepal. And this one I loved! During the day people were getting ready for a party that evening. On one of main streets in Kathmandu a stage was built for performances and live bands that evening. Around 9pm the street filled up and a good party unfolded. Note that Nepal – as some other countries in Asia – are on a different calendar, so they were not celebrating 2015 to start, but 2072.

new year

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