Vietnam – Older women

If you would ask my sister, she would confirm that during travel I’m totally charmed by older men and women. Their faces tell me stories beyond my imagination which keeps me curious about the stories I could encounter when travelling. In Vietnam it was no different and especially the women captured me. They seemed to be the ones keeping this economy going with being the most visible in working in the fields, on the markets, in restaurants, in the shops and even in construction. When in Ho Chi Minh City we passed this house where the woman in the flower PJ’s invited us  in when I tried to capture her beauty in a photo. We accepted and she told us in Vietnamese/English about how she was 83 years old – not any wrinkle! – and has been living in this house forever since she came to Ho Chi Minh City with her parents. While all around her modern buildings and facilities were introduced this house still seemed to be running a wood stove kitchen and old bathroom. As if time has stand still. I fell in love with her right there!


But above all in Vietnam the one that captured me most was my mum! Two days into our travels she broke her arm and didn’t show any of the pain that she definitely must have felt. When we finally had the chance to check all out in a hospital after two days, it was confirmed that her arm was broken and needed more attention. With a professional brace, pills and a lot of power she continued to travel without expecting any mercy. This trip was a really special one for me, not only because of the fact that Vietnam is an amazing country but moreover because I was able to do this with both my parents who still inspire me. Loving you both!

photo copy 15

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