Vietnam – Hoi An my gems

Beyond the lanterns there are a lot of lovely places to discover in Hoi An. I stayed at the Vinh Hung Riverside resort, which is well situated to do some exploring and when coming back a refreshing pool and great staff welcomes you.

Hoi An is the first city where I noticed some great modern but yet authentic product creation happening (probably because I didn’t take a good look when in Hanoi). There are shops like I Am Vietnam and P.S. We Love Hoi An where obviously with some professional marketing support authentic skills were used to produce products with a modern twist. I just loved it. Another one is The O’Collective where an Australian lady brings together brands all produced in Vietnam which are modern, new and different. Worth a visit.


For food Hoi An is a good place to enjoy. If you visit the morning market along the river, you can see where the restaurants get their supplies. My favorite restaurant probably was Mango Mango, which didn’t only serve great food, but also some wonderful cocktails. It is probably the most expensive one in town, but a good one for indulging yourself. Other ones not to miss are Ancient Faifo, Morning Glory and The Field which is a bit outside of Hoi An, but in some lovely rice paddies. Hoi An is probably a good place to do your personal ‘who has the best Morning Glory dish’ test. Each of those restaurants serve this typical dish with each giving it a different spin. A healthy and tasty side order to any meal!


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