Vietnam – Hanoi my gems

Hanoi is a busy, crazy, amazing city in the North of Vietnam. When you have accustomed to the scooters running around you and you have seen all the sites there are a few spots I want to highlight to you. The lonely planet walking tours are a good guide to get you through the shopping area. When doing this don’t forget Metiseko, a store with great fabrics, and lovely designs that will even match a European style. On this tour also look out for Canopee, a nice little cafe on the first floor that you shouldn’t miss. And when ready for a break at the end of the day and wanting to escape that traffic head to Hoan Kiem district for The Rooftop, a bar on the 19th floor with great views on Hanoi and even better cocktails. For dinner you should make an effort to get to New Day. It isn’t fancy at all, but they serve amazing authentic Vietnamese food and have a lovely balcony table on the first floor that you should definitely try to secure. This restaurant was recommended to me by a friend Simon Coppinger, who has been living in Vietnam for a few years. He is running a company that organizes trips and tours in Vietnam and Hanoi and would be delighted to sort out some for you when you are there.


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