Nepal – Pokhara your trekking and hippie haven

Pokhara – what not to miss

While I didn’t have the time to go trekking – a definite not to miss if I should believe all fellow tourists in Pokhara – there are a few spots in Pokhara I want to share with you. This is for when you have checked the highlights like the World Peace Pagoda, paddled on lake Phewa Tal to the temple, visited Old Pokhara with Newari houses and crawled through the bat cave. Then please do visit Earthy on the hippy side of town. This is a lovely shop selling organic clothes from hemp bamboo. They sell simple, basic and inspiring designs for yoga and casual clothing. And then chill at Freedom Cafe and Bar with great lakeside views, and performances in the evening. And when after an early dinner you feel like seeing a movie with amazing views on the lake, outdoors and a good vibe check Movie Garden to see whether anything is on to your liking.


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