Nepal – Pokhara and my volunteering experience

Volunteering in Pokhara

When I was in Pokhara I was actually there to do volunteering. I was ‘teaching’ English at a school for labour children as they called the kids. Labour children are children who either work themselves and therefor are not able to go to a regular school, or whose parents work but don’t earn enough to support them going to school. We had a group of 12 children ranging from as young as 4 years old to 14 years old. While it is in a way the saddest project, the children appreciated every attention you gave them.


One morning Mitri was two hours late and I was a bit like ‘why is that?’. This school is just 3 hours a day and if you miss 2 there is not so much use for that last hour. I found out though that Mitri, a girl 14 years old,  is working at a hotel and as it was busy she wasn’t allowed to leave for school. She came as soon as she could and cherished every moment to come and learn. I hang around for another hour that day just to give her some well deserved play and learn time.

I had the best time and I hope Subit, Mitri, Angel, Pinky, Sarijan, Samir, Bindu, Susil, Sangita, Sajan, Way, Susmita, Sagar and Kalpana also enjoyed my hugs, random English classes and hula hoop practices (thanks Jess).


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