Nepal – ceremonies introducing you to another culture

Experiencing Ceremonies in Nepal

Traveling through Nepal you will definitely come into contact with some Hindu ceremonies. In Kathmandu I visited the Pashupatinath temple complex and was overwhelmed when I witnessed a cremation on the banks of the holy Bagmati River. Family and friends carried the deceased to the location for the cremation and after the ceremonies performed by a priest the deceased was put on a pedestal and set to fire. Amazing to watch through European eyes but such an important element in the Hindu culture that it felt natural to be able to see this in public.

Another one I was part of, was in Pokhara when I had been with my host family for 2 days. On that specific day the grandmother from the family had died (8 years ago) and each year the son (my host father) would need to perform a ceremony in front of the house guided by a priest. Anybody joining the ceremony (normally just close family) would receive a Tika (coloured dot on the forehead) and some money in appreciation for their attendance. The ceremony lasted for approximately 2-3 hours and to the simple me was all about burning incense, mixing and moving rice, herbs, money, and other offerings around little buckets on the floor. I was fascinated!


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