Hi all,

This is the first one…In between jobs and with more time on my hands than I would have ever had, I started this journey of writing a blog to share what I enjoy most: traveling, meeting new people, and finding new places. I gave myself three weeks to start this up and work my way through the historical information on my travels. Three weeks in Bali it is!

It started a bit rough though as I was in Nepal before and was about to leave for Bali, just when the Earthquake hit. The earthquake – 7.9 on Richter – left the country devastated and with thousands of people in need of the basics for survival: food, water, and shelter. I was on a bus on my way from Pokhara to Kathmandu, close to the epicenter. The bus was hit by falling rocks, some windows got smashed, and two ladies were injured. One could be helped by an Australian doctor on our bus, but for the other one we moved to a small hospital just 15 minutes from where we were hit.


From then onwards everything happened as in a dream. We stayed out in the fields for a few hours to sit through several aftershocks and finally got to Kathmandu in the evening where I was picked up by my host family. The following few days we were camping in tents in an open field in this housing area. We went back and forth to the house from the host family, but never longer than half an hour as aftershocks were still happening. After two days like this I was supposed to get on my flight to Bali. I went to the airport and learned that that evening no flight for Air Asia would be taking off. I came back early the next day, and arrived at the most chaotic airport I have seen (and I’ve seen many!). Queues for everything, disgusting toilets, minimal information flow, and people who looked tired and hungry. After 11 hours at the airport the plane did arrive, was allowed to land and picked us up to fly from Nepal. I have never seen a happier crowd for a plane to take off. We were all aware that we have been lucky.

I’m writing this now after a few days in Bali. The place – Pineapple house – and the people are the warm blanket that I needed after having experienced this and knowing that still so many people in Nepal are not in a good place. With the help of all of us, they will get through, but I reckon a lot of external help is required to get that country back on its feet. A rocky start as I said, but nonetheless maybe even more a reason to share those little gems in the world with you. Enjoy the moment, be picky on what you want to see and experience it with the people you love!

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2 Responses to Hi all,

  1. kris Brigitta says:

    dear Mariska,
    love your blog and not just because its from a person , who is some weird way and coincidence dear to us :-)…continue your work please!! Peter and Kris xxx

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